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Thursday, April 18, 2013


its my off day and its late,
but i just simply can't get my eyes off from the books that ive just purchased.
been wanting to get this book since ages ago,
and today, i finally got my hands on em.

escape from camp 14 by blaine harden.
based of true stories and interviews by a man
who escaped from the cruel and inhumane
political prisoner camp in the north korea
which had been discussed by all medias.

after reading just half of the book,
it made me realizes how cruel this world can actually be.
and such uncivilized and inhumane laws can still happen in this world.
though the north korea doesnt admit that prisoner camps exists in their country,
but they did not open up their own country to prove that theyre innocent too,
which made them even more guilty.

despite the fact that theres still hundreds of thousand people suffering in their country,
it makes me think more about ourselves.
we have such happy and secured life compare to the people there,
and we should really be thankful for what we have currently.
but i couldnt stand reading the whole book as it really saddens me.

i shall brag here so i could continue reading it :D