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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


just realized i have not been updating any post lately due to my course which fully occupied my time.
im currently having a sixdays/week class :)
not forgetting its a FULL DAY class :D
so which means i only rest for one day :( which is practically sad.
my only day off is on wednesday,
which also means i wont be able to hang around with the peeps on weekends,
and also spending more precious time with hubby.

this was what i wanted,
therefore i cant blame anyone for this LOL.

MAYBE it'll be better when i reach internship :)
then i'll be having a fivedays/week 'working' time :D
cant wait!

but internship also means bigger responsibilities,
more stuffs to learn,
and also..


that im going back to my hometown for good.
which means,
more headaches LOL.

im so dead.
VERY dead.

could anyone just stop asking how am i gonna be separated from my hubby for so long and what would we do?
because we do not know shit LOL.
we'll just,
until we know what step to go LOL.

we're doomed.