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Monday, October 15, 2012


day fifteen - ROSIE
its her again! first time trying out the FORMULA ONE shampoo and yes, it doesnt feel good while shampooing the dog LOL. no foam! D;

day sixteenth - PUFFY
finally got to conquer her :D teacher annie taught us how to use the conditioner too! 1/4 of conditioner and a pail of water, fully soak through their coat and WOAH-LAAA! silky smooth!

day seventeenth - POMBOY & FEIFEI
pomboy the pomeranian menace. bullies freshbies like nobody's business. though hes annoying, but i had a praise from teacher annie that i had a good wash for him :D

feifei is a apricot color poodle (customer's). since i had a good wash previously, teacher annie tested me out on using the red-on-red color treatment, and sees if my washing technique is what she expected or not. turns out that, i suck at it :< the color didnt soak in and well, its the washing problem or insufficient of shampoo i put. plus! feifei isnt fluffed up too! MAJOR PHAIL.

day eighteenth - HAPPY & SNOWY.
happy (customer's) boy is such a good boy. easy to handle and he listens to orders! the first shihtzu that i like in my whole life actually :D

while on the other hand, snowy (also a customer's dog) the maltese, is so in-cooperative! moves every single time when shes being brushed D; darn. did 1/2 cup conditioner on her and turn out to be quite well :)

day nineteenth - PUFFY
its her again D; well, this time i did another 1/4 cup conditioning on her and it turns out to be better than before :D satisfaction!

day twentieth - MISSY & PRINCESS
missy the goody-goody two shoes, had a 1/2 cup conditioning and she looks wonderful. love her to bits!

while its my first time doing a large breed dog - PRINCESS the golden retriever! its a pain in the arse! not only shes heavy, but she somehow doesnt want to be co-operative with u while ure doing her nails/paw trim. or maybe its my handling prob :( sigh! and it took me few hours to do her basic, which is SLOW. and had a bad wash, therefore im not able to blow her dry too! exam is in the corner and im so going to die :(

day twenty-first - MUI TAO & MIKO
annoying muitao, wrestled with her again just by doing the topknot again. but she went on heat therefore my table is sticky and bloody. got to get use to smelling blood all the way D;

miko is from the 'nicole-family' which consist of oreo, sasha, duke, and another shihtzu which i hardly remember its name. miko is HUGE. like literally HUGE for a shihtzu. but hes alright as hes too fat to move, therefore would let u do anything u want to LOL!

day twenty-two - PUFFY & CURRENT
its puffy again. imagine how many times ive been dealing with her. but speed got a lot more faster than before :) which is, IMPROVEMENT!

current is a beautiful blenheim-colored cavalier king charles spaniel. shes a good gurl, but ive seriously no idea what she did to herself, due to the mats that she had all over her chest and her flanks, thighs, behind the ears, etc etc. but everything is all good :) all is good!