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Monday, October 01, 2012


day thirteen - MISSY & PUFFY

missy is a very good shihtzu girl. never tend to fight with u anyhow even when u hurt her. POOR THING got injured by our mr.marcus previously and she didnt even made a single sound. and having teacher annie demonstrating her way of brushing is way so good. now i know why she could brush a dog so fast and efficient without making any sound, and de-matting the coat at the same time. PLUS, she didnt hurt the coat of the dog which i always made em brittle - means BAD BRUSHING!

GAH! when am i going to learn how to be a good brusher :( its SO HARD!

and this mischievous puffy tried to bite me today. eventually she failed, and teacher gan taught me how to conquer her LOL! there she goes, can only lie there and let me do my thing, pulling our her hairs in her ears which she hated the most :D


jasons going back today :( means ill only be able to see me when i go back to KK.
well, hes going to wait me back anyway :D say YAY to teammates!