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Monday, September 17, 2012


day five - TINY

dear tiny, u are seriously sensitive and naughty and hyperactive. therefore i am very sorry i couldnt manage u properly and hence, hurting u by cutting ur quick and made u bleed :( i am dreadfully sorry. by seeing teacher doing it the soft-stern way, i cant understand why the dogs can listen so behaviourally! its like MAGIC.

it is my first time doing on a toy poodle. tiny is seriously tiny as he weighs only approx. 6lbs.


he is badly matted due to several tick problems which he is trying to scratch em off, causing mattes all over his body, armpit, inner thigh etc etc. oh dear. brushing him off is seriously a pain in the ass as he moves whenever he gets the chance. i seriously need to refine my managing-the-canine skills badly.

and it took me ages to do a basic groom only, which is bad. needs efficiency GAH! therefore, i need to practice a whole lot to make myself a pro! hub says maybe the reason why im slow because i did everything in detail - wanting it to look perfect therefore de-matting every single de-matted hair and making em look FLUFF! D; so i guess i just have to blend in the perfectionist and the flash-brusher together eh?

challenge ACCEPTED.