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Saturday, September 15, 2012


the soon-to-be-very-normal day four - PUFFY & SCOTT.

did puffy the shih tzu menace since scott was having his breakfast early in the morning. and yeah, puffy was badly matted therefore de-matting her took like, two hours. first time doing the topknot and it looks, well, FUNNY. but hey! she wasnt bathed or cleaned, and that is why its so hard to do the topknot!

scott is a really good boy but he got his legs all slightly matted after JUST ONE NIGHT, bathed him thoroughly as theres so much residue on his moustache, his anal and private part and it stinks. at the end of the day, he looks like a fluffy lil' black sheepo covered with woolly hair.

day four was a hard one. crouching my back throughout the whole day and now i have bad backaches which i couldnt carry any heavy stuffs from the floor! it aches like crazy and i think i need some time to get use to this. guess all jobs has their own hazards! but still, im happy for this :)