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Thursday, September 13, 2012


the practical diary.

nervous day one - ULTRA
handling a long coated chihuahua, doing the basics without bath.
i was obviously having shaky and cold sweaty hands LOL but thank god shes being a good girl.

lesson one day two - BLANKET
papillons are very cute, but fragile.
i was so afraid that i would break her hands or cut her flank,
end up spending so much time in handling her.
but shes so dirty that poop sticks around her anal feathering parts and i had to wash so hard to get rid of em.

stable day three - SCOTT
finally teacher assigned me to handle a 'teddy bear' m.schnauzer which owns a similar coat with copper baby and he is badly matted, therefore spending 3 hours just to do the basics without any bath. de-matting cost me so much time! and yeah, he is very dirty too. but by successfully de-matting his whole body makes me feel happy. there isnt sufficient time for me to bath him therefore i would need to do it on the next day :D

life is now surrounded by dogs.
though its hard work, but hard work pays off :)
am seriously happy with what im doing now.

never gonna give up my dreams.