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Sunday, September 30, 2012


day eleven - MUI TAO & SHOW BABY

mui tao is seriously a pain in the arse. she is a shih tzu, dislikes being turned over for brushing purposes. therefore shes a energy wastage dog :D BOO! but well, we're everyday challenged by different characteristics dogs and therefore we will be able to learn new tactics on controlling without whacking/spanking/being brutal towards em.

showbaby is a champion toy poodle. teachers beloved. well, hes about the same size like elizabeth or tiny. but hes better off to control compared to tiny. or maybe its me that its well better in controlling dogs nowadays? well, ill leave it for teacher to judge whether ive improved or not.

day twelve - ROSIE, COCO & THIO

rosie again! back into training the TOPKNOT. spent a lil bit of time in tying her topknot which is NOT GOOD AT ALL. darn.

and its my first time doing customers dog! coco is a toy poodle, well, shes a lil bit mischievous but its all good as i got to control her well. spent roughly 2hr plus to get her done with the basics. then i head on with the third dog.

dear thio, this good looking mischievous maltese. he doesnt like to be turned over too. but hes way too small size compared to mui tao, therefore hes making himself a bad joke ;p evil me, had to bully him since hes so incooperative, BAHAHA! in the end he made himself a fool too :D

well, i did successfully minimize my own time and speed/efficiency compared to before. which i spent 5 hours doing a single dogs basic. but teacher wanted me to minimize it into a one and a half hr :( which is, gonna be HARD D; oh well, ill just have to try my best since this october month will be our exam month. oh dear, cant imagine how hard it is when we reach level two, and yet people around me think its such a piece of cake studying pet grooming course. BAH! people just have to look down on courses like this eh? guess theyll never know that how little time we had and how much stuffs that we need to learn. its like minimizing 3 years college time into 9 months. THERE U GO. we have not much of a rest time as we will need to practice and study so much more to improve ourselves, making ourselves to be professionals!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


day ten - BEANY

cute lil' maltese. too bad shes on heat.
took so much time cleaning her private part as its all covered with blood.
all i do is smell blood today.

but yeah,
gotta buckle up on the theory part as we'll be having our level one exams next month,
which would be arriving in another 3 more days.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012


day nine - ROSIE

a bigger size maltese gurl. shes all good, but very badly taken care of :(
shes real matted and dirty but all i can do to help her is to de-mat as much as possible.
done with the topknot and its definitely better than before! :D


Monday, September 24, 2012


day eight - BARRY

barry is a cavaliar king charles spaniel. shes pretty but suffered with dandruff problems because shes old. its easy doing her as shes quite a good girl. though her breath smells bad. overall its the first time doing a bigger dog except schnauzers. doing the sanitary part was the worst as theyre seriously heavy!

easy day for us level ones.

jasons leaving this weekend, back to KK.
discussed the future with him and guess we'll just work out with what we have.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


day seven - SIAO LI

first time doing a maltese and its way easier than a poodle. SERIOUSLY.
siao li was a good boy though. except doing the topknot - which i find it ridiculously hard!
the diamond shape and 90 degree thing is so hard to measure and by seeing how teacher annie do it looks way easier D;

oh dear, thats the difference of an amateur and a pro.

guess i'll need to buckle up real hard!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


day six - NINJA

she is one good girl. oh well, except on plucking the hair of the ear canal though.
thought shes a mixed shih tzu and poodle :D but shes looking good or even better than a normal shih tzu due to her longish muzzle than the normal flat-faced muzzle ;p

manage to minus an hour from my normal time limit and its one good news :)
got some tips and lesson from teacher annie too! which would be able to help me fasten my brushing skills and time limit!

so, gonna handle tomorrow's new challenge LIKE A BOSS :D

Monday, September 17, 2012


day five - TINY

dear tiny, u are seriously sensitive and naughty and hyperactive. therefore i am very sorry i couldnt manage u properly and hence, hurting u by cutting ur quick and made u bleed :( i am dreadfully sorry. by seeing teacher doing it the soft-stern way, i cant understand why the dogs can listen so behaviourally! its like MAGIC.

it is my first time doing on a toy poodle. tiny is seriously tiny as he weighs only approx. 6lbs.


he is badly matted due to several tick problems which he is trying to scratch em off, causing mattes all over his body, armpit, inner thigh etc etc. oh dear. brushing him off is seriously a pain in the ass as he moves whenever he gets the chance. i seriously need to refine my managing-the-canine skills badly.

and it took me ages to do a basic groom only, which is bad. needs efficiency GAH! therefore, i need to practice a whole lot to make myself a pro! hub says maybe the reason why im slow because i did everything in detail - wanting it to look perfect therefore de-matting every single de-matted hair and making em look FLUFF! D; so i guess i just have to blend in the perfectionist and the flash-brusher together eh?

challenge ACCEPTED.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


the soon-to-be-very-normal day four - PUFFY & SCOTT.

did puffy the shih tzu menace since scott was having his breakfast early in the morning. and yeah, puffy was badly matted therefore de-matting her took like, two hours. first time doing the topknot and it looks, well, FUNNY. but hey! she wasnt bathed or cleaned, and that is why its so hard to do the topknot!

scott is a really good boy but he got his legs all slightly matted after JUST ONE NIGHT, bathed him thoroughly as theres so much residue on his moustache, his anal and private part and it stinks. at the end of the day, he looks like a fluffy lil' black sheepo covered with woolly hair.

day four was a hard one. crouching my back throughout the whole day and now i have bad backaches which i couldnt carry any heavy stuffs from the floor! it aches like crazy and i think i need some time to get use to this. guess all jobs has their own hazards! but still, im happy for this :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012


the practical diary.

nervous day one - ULTRA
handling a long coated chihuahua, doing the basics without bath.
i was obviously having shaky and cold sweaty hands LOL but thank god shes being a good girl.

lesson one day two - BLANKET
papillons are very cute, but fragile.
i was so afraid that i would break her hands or cut her flank,
end up spending so much time in handling her.
but shes so dirty that poop sticks around her anal feathering parts and i had to wash so hard to get rid of em.

stable day three - SCOTT
finally teacher assigned me to handle a 'teddy bear' m.schnauzer which owns a similar coat with copper baby and he is badly matted, therefore spending 3 hours just to do the basics without any bath. de-matting cost me so much time! and yeah, he is very dirty too. but by successfully de-matting his whole body makes me feel happy. there isnt sufficient time for me to bath him therefore i would need to do it on the next day :D

life is now surrounded by dogs.
though its hard work, but hard work pays off :)
am seriously happy with what im doing now.

never gonna give up my dreams.