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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


first time in my life that i was anxious and curious for harry potter.


the last episode was still awesome :D

it all started because last year's incident.
me, aiden, norman and katak was suppose to watch a movie 'unstoppable' around noon at the weekends (and pardon me, it was a SUNDAY! so we're all free and easy to go!)

so we dated at the evening, going over to suria kk for the movie, and it all started when aiden is always LATE for nothing. the movie was suppose to start at 3 and he reached my house at 3:30. GREAT isnt it? so as usual, we're late. norman and katak who was at the cinemas damn early went in without us, left the tickets at the counter for us to pick up. but when we reached there, its like, half the movie is gone. so why bother watching it?

in the end, we bought a pair of tickets to watch HP7 part 1 because there wasnt any slots left except HP7! D: there i started watching unknown stories because i wasnt a fan, therefore i did not know what the hell was going on in the stories ROFLMAO. but in the end, all i saw was familiar faces - HP himself, the pretty witch hermione, and mr. not so outstanding - ron, who ended up to be superb hawt hermione's boyf (which i would really like to say, WTFhowdidthathappenROFLMAO!) and mr. lord voldemort! this fag actually looks evil and the snake beside him is superb annoying LOL.

but i think i saw snape turning to the dark side while mr. dumbledore is no where to be seen (then i got updated that he died in idontknowwhat episode D: )

the movie itself was interesting, therefore i was darn anxious to watch whats going to happen to HP and voldemort in part2. i was so anxious that i bought the tickets a week earlier online! it really was awesome i should say :) though skipping all the front episodes and jumping to the end wasnt what a normal person should do xD but i just love watching episodes HAH!

alright, end of story.
im stopping all my bullshits and please go and watch HP7 part1 before u watch part2!
or else u'll end up like my hubby,
asking whothehellisthis and whothehellisthat throughout the whole movie - -"
damn kasian him also :x

i should say a 9.5/10 for HP7!
(im so sorry but still, LOTR is the best xD)