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Friday, June 10, 2011


finally got my chance to watch my fav pirates!
because waited for hubby like, for WEEKS to get to watch this!
all his fault! GAH!

though i heard reviews from people that this episode wasnt as nice as the previous ones,
due to long and boring explanations from the story,
but i find it pretty nice!

still, CAPTAIN jack sparrow is looking very cute and cunning,
and our new crew penelope cruz is looking hot,
barbossa has new changes and finally theyre showing BLACK BEARD!
oh well, i kinda miss orlando and keira though, ms. swan and mr. turner are quite the juice of the story itself!

waiting for more series to be launch in the future!
well, hopefully.


dont ask me why because i just love pirates ;p
and not forgetting that the mermaids are pretty well-played :D
looks very pretty but deadly, mmmmm.
thats like one of the climax of the story heh!