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Saturday, June 04, 2011


was bored at hubbys place,
got nothing to do since he was busy installing cctvs around at his house.

went on searching for stuffs to do,
bejeweling, facebooks and stuffs aint filling up my time.
then i got my hands on this movie,
quite unexpectedly good.

i seriously like how mr. robert aka ze ironman act like an awkward-weirdo mr. sherlock holmes.
i havent been finish reading the book though,
but seems like im now more interested to finish it up.
more stuffs to do on weekends soon! heh ;p

and jude law seems a bit different nowadays,
or prolly he wasnt that famous and showing up everywhere in the news anymore.

ratings for this movie,

what more to go?
hubby actually owe me QUITE a few movies :/
my thor, red riding hood, and so.


Tecky said...

now baru u know sherlock holmes is great!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA

Kasihan, come here i teman u watch la!