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Monday, March 14, 2011

movie chase!

sorry for not updating my blog for quite a while,
had been real busy with life and i dont seem to find the urge to update it anymore :/

dont even have enough time for myself to rest also :(

so im just gonna update what ive been going through these past few weeks.

went to watch i am number four, instead of my black swan :/ just because hubby darling wanted to watch this so badly.

not bad for such a scientific movie though!

rating it at 8/10 :)

then went to watch drive angry,
nicholas cage! max love his movies, so its a MUST watch!

i love amber heard, mmmmm. she looks very very TASTY!
rating it at 8.5/10,
but its a bit too violent for a movie like that,
more to like '300' type of violent gore.
overall, u definitely wont feel sleepy!

will update more when im really in the mood for this!
but i think twitter and facebook takes more of my time rather than my blog now :/

so, we'll see when i see u! xD