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Wednesday, February 09, 2011


went to watch new year movie :3


funny though ;P
a lil bit of comedy to cheer up my whole new year!
because i got all sick :( diarrhea and vomiting keeps me busy all day long!

ratings for this movie?

next movie to go, should be all's well ends well?

Sunday, February 06, 2011

superb love!

enjoyed CNY with relaxing days, spent few days around at kundasang, didnt manage to get to meet any of my friends! and here am i now, back at sunways house. TSK TSK!

had diarrhea from the 1st day of CNY till i get back here :/
was worried that im gonna gain weight this new year, but seems like i lost more weight rather than gaining weight!
kinda unexpected though ;P

got something more than i didnt expect!
probably could get my want-to-get-camera this month ;P

so gonna get this!
new wishlist added behehe xD
not too pricey, not too cheap.
just nice for outing snapshots, mmmm.
superb love!

my dear fuji polaroid camera,
do wait for me!