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Saturday, November 06, 2010

updates on baby

here are babys video clips,
theyre all whatapp to me every single day, photos and videos :3

this is how i keep track on my baby copper behehe.

this is when baby first arrived in KK house, mengada!

this is his first attempt to jump such a tall bed. u know, the bed at home isnt very tall so its quite easy for him to leap and jump onto it, until he met this bed! not easy for a small dog to jump up but then, he finally learnt how to! :D am proud of my babyyyyy.

baby doozing off to sleep after a long fun day with jadey. oh well, as usual, ignore the one whos talking because obviously thats my sister! :D

babys usual act. rolling on the bed and he loves to smudge his beardddd onto the pillows and blankets! GAHHHH D:

babys river day trip! its his first trip to the river side though, and he wouldnt dare to take a dip in the river because hes so scared that the water might drown him :/ coward! xD

behehe will post more when i get more of it ;P
or maybe the next video would be me taking it since ill be heading back on monday! weeee~