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Wednesday, November 03, 2010



i saw this at and im dying for it!

*photo courtesy of

*prays hard*
i want one i want one i want one i want one i want one i want oneeeeeeeeeeeee <3 pweety pwease? *watery eyes*

by the way,
had a very busy day today.
went to the office and sign my employment letter,
then to pyramid to get stuffs,
drop moms boots to the cobbler to get it stiched for her coming osaka trip!
then to the bank and change my atm card to visa debit,
weeeee! now i can use ittttt mmm.
then to my ex college TOA to grab up my certificate after 2 years! wtf! FML.
and yet, they tell me it wasnt being processed when i requested a typo change on my certificate a year ago, HMPF. what the hell is wrong with TOAs efficiency HUH?!
in the end they promised me to settle it by today and i can pick it up tomorrow at their office :D yippie for this! AT LAST!
then went to ate my meal of the day at ichiban ramen at 3pm :( thats a sad case!
had chicken katsu don,
and today i snapped the picture of what im having, mms it back to hubby dear! BEHEHEHE.
then went to buy some groceries, shampoo and stuffs.
bought curly biscuits for dad,
*tsk tsk just because he mentioned that he wants to eat that ALOT.

had cherry tomatoes for dinner MMMMMMM *loves*
hubby dear is being very mengada lately, loves to kacao me alot, HMPF, i wonder why HUH. very very very very naughty :/

will have a date with baby tomorrow BEHEHE, cant wait!