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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

crazy nait!

since parents wasnt back during last saturday,
went to had bakkutteh at gaya street with bunch of 'ghosts' :P

seriously, after having such nice bakkutteh at klang or anywhere around KL,
the one famous here is no good anymoar :(

but even the ones who came back from new zealand also mentioned that it wasnt any better like before :/ so i guess they dont have quality control eh?

not going back for second time anyway.

then we head to losiaps uncles pub since hes asking us to go as he was darn bored LMAO.
the reason behind was his baby car is in the factory!
because he deserved it ;P
*the story went on from him driving 120km/h in a rainy day, APS system doesnt work nicely, and BANG! oh well, luckily hes safe alright, got minor cuts and bruises though :P padan muka larh!

his uncles pub is called 'club mix', somewhere behind survey penampang.

we only had beer that night.

camwhore abit with mengada shuang yng :P

teh meng dak yawning because hes SLEEPY at 11pm i guess xD

showing off his REALLY REALLY BIGGGGG tummy,
can make lots of beef balls out of that xD

had fun laughing off stupid mini games we played through the nait,
me love them!