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Monday, November 01, 2010


blogging about previous weekends,
had been busy around thats why i forgot to update on this movie review!

my bad.

went to watch this few weeks ago with my hubbys family,
it was plain random actually,
and the plan was actually only a normal weekly movie session with hubby,
ended up that his mom said she wants to go to the movies too,
there it goes, family movie session!

i liked this movie more than Ip Man 1 and 2 actually,
the starring - Donnie Yen is actually more smart and furious in this movie,
or maybe i just prefer a person with more emotions.
(Ip Man is a very very soft person and he barely shows his emotion in the movie, thus, i felt bored about his personality :P)

ratings for this movie?
i'll give it a

plus! shouldve went to the movies yesterday,
but then period came and i dont think i could enjoy anything while im having stomach cramps! :( even bakkutteh session was cancelled :( dammit.
gahhh i'll just have to wait until this coming weekend :)
gonna watch RED with hubby dear! time for us to be all alone :3