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Friday, September 10, 2010

works works and works.

i think i spent a lot of time in this piece of work,
approx. more than 6 hours?
which is more than average ones.

click for original submission.

raya is here!
means more malay food for me,
mmmmmmmmmmm, om nom nom nom.
how i miss my aunt's most favorable dish, curry beef :(
i wish i could go back to dad's kampung and have that.

well, will be going back to kk next week,
attending my most beloved cousie/bestie's wedding.
finally she's getting married,
we've been partners in crime since kids!
i cant believe now she's attached and leaving me alone :(
ahhh how im going to miss her D:

but i guess there'll be loads of photos soon too ;)
stay tune.