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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

before leaving.

will be on tomorrow's 9pm plane heading back to KK,
today will be quite a day since i have to renew my license, buy the dog food, pack my bag, go to klang and pick up the mooncakes that dad wanted which hubby dear's mom got for me, and the list goes on.

and i think i fell in love with mcd's new cheesy shake fries!
it taste so good okay?
before they had MCB (Mc Chicken Burger, dont misunderstand me!), then they have GCB (Grilled Chicken Burger), now they have DCB and TCB!
it's actually double cheese burger and triple cheese burger.
oh well, from the photos it looks damn big k, like big mac size.
but then in real, we might not know larh!
wait till i go try it out first LOL.

this is a piece of manip before i formatted my computer from VISTA to windows 7.
(yes, i'm using windows 7 now, better than vista k?)

click for original submission.

very emotional piece i should say, VERY.
and this piece was done very quickly.
inspirations BANG on my head real HARD,
and therefore,
TA-DA!! :))

i was quite happy with it though,
please tell me u do so too :))

gotta miss hubby dear and copper baby.
and did i update on, copper's heading back to sabah for good at the end of this month?
my mom said she wants to take care of him,
and thinking about striving hard in career in the future (coming real soon),
i thought i might not have much time to accompany baby dear,
so might as well let him go back and he can hang out with jadey and ivory girl.

sad to have my baby leaving my side,
im gonna be LONELY! D: