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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

hubby's bday!

hubby's birthday is special.
falls on every year's malaysia independence day.
mmmmmmmmm, lucky or the other way round? xD

bought two cakes for him to celebrate with his family.
mogu introduced me RT Pastry which is famous for its Tiramisu and Strawberry cake,
went over to the pastry shop so early,
YET its filled with so many people already,

but finally got my hands on both cakes,
im not sure whether i got the right strawberry cake because there wasnt any "strawberry cake" names around, or maybe they've sold out? so i got "strawberry garden" instead.

hubby dear gave me surprise,
making me so disappointed when he said he wasnt sure that he's going to be back that night WHILE im already half way heading to his home :/
bad boy.

but still,
he did surprised me!

cut his cake after 12, with his family too :))
are u happy, birthday boy?

birthday boy wishing hard!
*hmpf, i wonder what did he wished for?

his cutting skills are greatly doubted, for sure.

u see larh, dont know what he cut, some more pull out all the candles make me take so ugly punya photo RAWR! banyak lubang!

strawberry garden cake still looks fine because all lubang covered by the strawberries d :x

after that,
must camwhore with my only love!

mengade look! see the sequence? so funny kayyyy :x
especially when hubby dear covered up his TITS!
so scare people look at his tits weyyyyy :x

ended that night with lots of kisses from hubby dear.
mmmmmmmmmm, i love that alot :))

hope u love what i've prepared for u, love.
and although u're a year older,
but that doesnt mean i love u lesser,
it actually goes the other way round ;)