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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


im gonna be gone from msia for a week, counting down from 2 days,
and baby copper's gonna go back to sabah for good :(


im still wondering how am i going to live without him :( :( :(
i had been raising him for 3 years plus like a mother,
and suddenly,
hes off to himself :( :( :(
or maybe with the grandma, SHEESH.

the only decision i made for him to go back is because,
im very afraid that i wouldnt have much time for him anymore if i started working again. it happened previously, he showed me this sad depression face everytime i came home, and while leaving the house, he showed that face to me again.
so it was pretty hard for both of us.

and then, i thought that maybe i could go for a job that involves pet so i could bring him along to work with me, A GROOMER! but then, just by taking up the course itself already cost me a bomb. i couldnt afford it :(

then it came to the last option, sending him back to sabah where theres many of his friends waiting for him. jade, amber, ivory, both of the cats, and most important - his grandma that doesnt need to work, so can stay at home jaga all of them!


im gonna be all alone again :(
baby copper has been the only reason that i wanna go home.
now, i think i'll be wondering around AGAIN.
or probably when dad sells the house,
then i'll have to move to a new place where it only fits both me n bolvin.
well, previously we had that option,
a friend of dad is selling away her apartment somewhere around subang,
its quite near to subang parade and also empire shopping centre,
i like the unit itself, but not the environment of the apartment.
maybe its still very new and theres no crowd around,
too silent and it makes me feel creepy,
especially with msia's security, u know, robbery rape crime cases all around.

AHHHH. lots of probs when u come to reality, and thats what i hate about.
guess im the one who'll be in depression after coming back from china!
desperate for my baby copper! D: