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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

roam wild!

went to library with the girls last friday night.
hubby dear took leave for me!
awwww sweetie pie *loves*
never expected he would try his best to take his leave!

hi hubby love *smooches*

i always love hoegaarden!
heart it forever.

hi ms. rabbit, soon u'll be heading back to UK again,
bet u're gonna miss me lots!
do love me more than ever ;P

had a great night,
went to sanctuary for second round,
got drunk! because i knew hubby was around wee~
so i can drink as much as i can,
and ending up having a wound on my knee because i was too drowsy to walk!
vomitted like nobody's business,
but hey, i miss everything about it.
its really been a while since i've got drunk,
guess it was WAYYYY back then.
love the bunch of girls always.
looking forward for more hang out sessions before they're all back to UK :(