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Monday, August 02, 2010


it's really been a while since i've updated my blog again,
as usual.

the lazy worm came crawling in my head again.

things ARE NOT very usual nowadays.
mom's sick, needs operation, hoping and praying that she'll get through it,
oh well, leaving everything to God still, cant do anything much :/

gosh, i think i'm getting depression.
i think way too much nowadays,
but luckily my hubby's not giving me any probs!
so, less thinking otherwise.
but never knew he was so attractive to the opposite sex!
that's a new discovery LMAO.
that is why people often said,
"do not nurture your man till he's a super fine guy, you'll end up losing him to another girl."

he's getting way better nowadays :/
getting much more responsible, more caring, and observative (thats the most important part since he was soooooo ignorant way back then), have a sense of humour (or prolly lameness) that would just pick up any girl's attention - hey, a guy who knows how to make girl laugh is definitely a winning point! and now he knows how to look better now (in the sense of fashion, well, he has a designer girlf kay, and that is what makes him to be more sensitive in the way he appears!)
okay, i just realize he's the nice guy that a lot of girls is looking for,

maybe i should have a class on,
teaching 101 ways to a nice guy!

maybe i should just buckle up in being a GOODY GOOD wifey :/