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Thursday, August 26, 2010


i love hubby dear.
he said the sweetest thing ever today.

i was cramping, shivering, fainting over the pain i never had for all these years' periods today.
i wonder what happened to my health,
it used to be good.
i mean, not as bad as now.

hubby dear promised that he would boil herbal soup for me everytime my period ends (way back then, i mean.. like a year ago LMAO?)
oh well, u know what guys always do, breaking promises.
but yeah, i was quite used to it already, so, i didnt really put too much hope on it.

well, today he saw that i was in real pain, probably felt guilty for not taking care of me for all these time? he finally, PROMISED (again) to boil me herbal soup after my period ends this time, cant wait!
i can say its really sweet that he still remember his promises and he kept his words,
nothing better than having him doing what he should've.

lots of love and smooches for hubby dear.
mmmmm, cant wait for my healthy herbal soup to boost my health up again!