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Sunday, August 29, 2010

lots of love.

eeeee hubby dear is so loving nowadays!
so manja, and always craving for hugs and kisses.

even brought me to have my favourite bak kut teh again today,
mmmmmmmm, om nom nom nom.
after that, we get to meet up keat's new girlf omg!
finally get to meet jesselyn up ;P
she looks friendly and nice to me for the first impression.
its good! :))

then we 2 pair of couples went for movies at harbour place's MBO.
never heard of MBO till today,
the tickets are seriously few bucks cheaper, popcorns too,
and the couple seats are more comfy wtf!
same price with normal seats k!
so going back to MBO for more movies :3

back to the movie,
this movie ROCKS!
for people who love dancing,
they'll definitely love this movie.

my ratings for it?
a 9/10!

would love to watch it again!
great dance movements and music.

did another manip on saturday,

comments and critiques are most welcome for my artwork.
am already working on the third piece!
needs more inspirations!