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Thursday, August 19, 2010


had gathering last month when my huey darling is back.
went to try out a new steamboat restaurant at sunway mentari called tasty pot.

they had a lot of choices, including the soup base.
- tomyam soup
- original chicken soup
- chungking super spicy soup
- soya bean soup
- curry soya bean soup
- porridge soup

seriously, do not go for the soya bean series and porridge soup if you dont like creamy soup base. it'll get really sticky and creamy if you've cooked like some time. geli sia!

luckily we had our photographer mr.blur!
already start snapping when we've not even started eating!

trying my very best to cover my tired+ugly face.

fighting sessions captured.
very RANDOM.

the big bunch!

love to have dinner sessions like that,
always entertaining :)