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Monday, August 23, 2010


hubby dear gave me a surprise on last saturday.
i knew he was coming back from seremban, but he didnt mention that he was going to come over to my place! (since he's going straight back to klang..)
hehe, lots of love to him!

then went to have my favourite food, BAH KUT TEH (it must be the shop in klang! i personally love that shop's cooking a whole lot!) on the next day,
ate a whole lot, 2 plates of rice!
*tsk, the plate there is way smaller than normal ones kay? and im losing weight, so i should eat more! (finding reasons for my glut :x)

went for movies! since hubby dear said he broke his promise last week,
so he's going to mend it back :x

dying to watch it while the trailer is out few months back.

LOL i realized how old these 'used-to-be-famous' stars were,
wrinkles all over the face,
but happy to say, they all look more manly than before.
stallone (famous rambo!) is still looking very muscular,
i think i couldnt even handle a hit from him, he'll definitely kill me with it.
jet li is looking very old,
but he did improve his english! now he can speak more fluently unlike before.
and the new guy statham, he's good looking alright.
overall, the movie is exciting, but not as exciting as rambo still,
they add in a bit of comedy and romance, which is quite a twist.
director is stallone, quite unbelievable right? didnt know he can direct a film!
graphic effects are quite similar to rambo movie, very bloody!

overall ratings?
i give it a 7.5/10.

anyway, i love the expendables logo.
though it looked evil, but, its nice, in an artistic way.