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Monday, August 30, 2010

trying out new stuffs!

am trying to explore back the stuffs i shouldve been doing for the past few years.
what about a fantasy photomanipulation?
i've been doing quite a lot of emotional ones but less fantasy and dark ones,
shame on me, always being an emotional people :(

more glowing stuffs and pretty elf girl :3
mmmmm, she looks tasty!

comments and critiques everyone? :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

lots of love.

eeeee hubby dear is so loving nowadays!
so manja, and always craving for hugs and kisses.

even brought me to have my favourite bak kut teh again today,
mmmmmmmm, om nom nom nom.
after that, we get to meet up keat's new girlf omg!
finally get to meet jesselyn up ;P
she looks friendly and nice to me for the first impression.
its good! :))

then we 2 pair of couples went for movies at harbour place's MBO.
never heard of MBO till today,
the tickets are seriously few bucks cheaper, popcorns too,
and the couple seats are more comfy wtf!
same price with normal seats k!
so going back to MBO for more movies :3

back to the movie,
this movie ROCKS!
for people who love dancing,
they'll definitely love this movie.

my ratings for it?
a 9/10!

would love to watch it again!
great dance movements and music.

did another manip on saturday,

comments and critiques are most welcome for my artwork.
am already working on the third piece!
needs more inspirations!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


click here for original submission.

im back in dA.
*in case u wouldnt know whats that, its deviantArt
an art community for people all over the world :)

left dA for 2 years and now im finally back,
so i need to be hardworking enough to at least upload 1 piece of artwork every 1-3 days!
picking back up what i've lost.
my passion, my interest, my ideas and creativity..

its because i felt that i've been lazing around for too long,

Thursday, August 26, 2010


i love hubby dear.
he said the sweetest thing ever today.

i was cramping, shivering, fainting over the pain i never had for all these years' periods today.
i wonder what happened to my health,
it used to be good.
i mean, not as bad as now.

hubby dear promised that he would boil herbal soup for me everytime my period ends (way back then, i mean.. like a year ago LMAO?)
oh well, u know what guys always do, breaking promises.
but yeah, i was quite used to it already, so, i didnt really put too much hope on it.

well, today he saw that i was in real pain, probably felt guilty for not taking care of me for all these time? he finally, PROMISED (again) to boil me herbal soup after my period ends this time, cant wait!
i can say its really sweet that he still remember his promises and he kept his words,
nothing better than having him doing what he should've.

lots of love and smooches for hubby dear.
mmmmm, cant wait for my healthy herbal soup to boost my health up again!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010




偶尔真想敲他的头一把 :P

Monday, August 23, 2010


hubby dear gave me a surprise on last saturday.
i knew he was coming back from seremban, but he didnt mention that he was going to come over to my place! (since he's going straight back to klang..)
hehe, lots of love to him!

then went to have my favourite food, BAH KUT TEH (it must be the shop in klang! i personally love that shop's cooking a whole lot!) on the next day,
ate a whole lot, 2 plates of rice!
*tsk, the plate there is way smaller than normal ones kay? and im losing weight, so i should eat more! (finding reasons for my glut :x)

went for movies! since hubby dear said he broke his promise last week,
so he's going to mend it back :x

dying to watch it while the trailer is out few months back.

LOL i realized how old these 'used-to-be-famous' stars were,
wrinkles all over the face,
but happy to say, they all look more manly than before.
stallone (famous rambo!) is still looking very muscular,
i think i couldnt even handle a hit from him, he'll definitely kill me with it.
jet li is looking very old,
but he did improve his english! now he can speak more fluently unlike before.
and the new guy statham, he's good looking alright.
overall, the movie is exciting, but not as exciting as rambo still,
they add in a bit of comedy and romance, which is quite a twist.
director is stallone, quite unbelievable right? didnt know he can direct a film!
graphic effects are quite similar to rambo movie, very bloody!

overall ratings?
i give it a 7.5/10.

anyway, i love the expendables logo.
though it looked evil, but, its nice, in an artistic way.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


had gathering last month when my huey darling is back.
went to try out a new steamboat restaurant at sunway mentari called tasty pot.

they had a lot of choices, including the soup base.
- tomyam soup
- original chicken soup
- chungking super spicy soup
- soya bean soup
- curry soya bean soup
- porridge soup

seriously, do not go for the soya bean series and porridge soup if you dont like creamy soup base. it'll get really sticky and creamy if you've cooked like some time. geli sia!

luckily we had our photographer mr.blur!
already start snapping when we've not even started eating!

trying my very best to cover my tired+ugly face.

fighting sessions captured.
very RANDOM.

the big bunch!

love to have dinner sessions like that,
always entertaining :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

roam wild!

went to library with the girls last friday night.
hubby dear took leave for me!
awwww sweetie pie *loves*
never expected he would try his best to take his leave!

hi hubby love *smooches*

i always love hoegaarden!
heart it forever.

hi ms. rabbit, soon u'll be heading back to UK again,
bet u're gonna miss me lots!
do love me more than ever ;P

had a great night,
went to sanctuary for second round,
got drunk! because i knew hubby was around wee~
so i can drink as much as i can,
and ending up having a wound on my knee because i was too drowsy to walk!
vomitted like nobody's business,
but hey, i miss everything about it.
its really been a while since i've got drunk,
guess it was WAYYYY back then.
love the bunch of girls always.
looking forward for more hang out sessions before they're all back to UK :(

Monday, August 16, 2010






Sunday, August 08, 2010







Friday, August 06, 2010


parents and sister's over here at KL,
gonna accompany them tomorrow for dinner,
overnight at the Legend, never been to this hotel though,
giving it a try.

havent been uploading any of my photos lately,
here it is.
taken last week, outing with the girls to OU to have chilli's!
had fun with the girls but too bad they're so fast heading back to UK :(

weekend's gonna be busy,
parents, hubby, hubby's family,
oh well,
back to SQUARE ONE.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

movie chase!

i think i need to do a lil bit of chasing for my movie list!

despicable me
the last airbender
la comedie humaine
karate kid
the expendables
grown ups
step up 3
vampires suck

man! this is like a whole bunch of list.. GOSH.
anyone care to accompany me to the movies? :)

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

sorceror craze?

went to watch twice of this movie!

reason behind?
mom and bro wanna watch this badly during kl training trip,
hubby's bro wanna watch this badly too :D

ended up?
watching it twice.
and hey! i think i can memorize the storyline already xD

its good.
surprisingly i love the ost for this movie this time!
i think disney movies always have nice ost for each movie,
great choice.


Monday, August 02, 2010


it's really been a while since i've updated my blog again,
as usual.

the lazy worm came crawling in my head again.

things ARE NOT very usual nowadays.
mom's sick, needs operation, hoping and praying that she'll get through it,
oh well, leaving everything to God still, cant do anything much :/

gosh, i think i'm getting depression.
i think way too much nowadays,
but luckily my hubby's not giving me any probs!
so, less thinking otherwise.
but never knew he was so attractive to the opposite sex!
that's a new discovery LMAO.
that is why people often said,
"do not nurture your man till he's a super fine guy, you'll end up losing him to another girl."

he's getting way better nowadays :/
getting much more responsible, more caring, and observative (thats the most important part since he was soooooo ignorant way back then), have a sense of humour (or prolly lameness) that would just pick up any girl's attention - hey, a guy who knows how to make girl laugh is definitely a winning point! and now he knows how to look better now (in the sense of fashion, well, he has a designer girlf kay, and that is what makes him to be more sensitive in the way he appears!)
okay, i just realize he's the nice guy that a lot of girls is looking for,

maybe i should have a class on,
teaching 101 ways to a nice guy!

maybe i should just buckle up in being a GOODY GOOD wifey :/