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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

the guy who connects u to the internet?

if u misread this name Ip Man,
it will be I.P. Man.
sounds hilarious at first when everyone read it as that,
but when people started to understand that its a direct translate from his chinese name,
it was too late! xD

i didnt get to watch the first episode,
this is the 2nd one.
wanted to say that,
its good.
really :)

the kungfu was all nice,
and about chinese martial arts,
very patriotic.

well, at least it reminds me of where our origin is.
we're very well taught that our ancestors are from the great china,
and our martial arts represent most of the culture and the intregity we're carrying.
hardly seen in these modern ages, hmpf :/

oh well,
this movie is nicely done.


and im glad that hubby came back to see me last week,
accompanied me to the movies, having our favourite bakkutteh.
roaming into 7-11 to get drinks and ice cream in the middle of the night,
its like we used to do the days before when he havent leave for seremban to work yet :(

happy days always past very fast yeah?
i hate it when it do so :(
3 days is superb fast.

gonna miss my hubby so so much,
miss him so badly.
better take good care there,
if not,
no more facial, no more private services from ur wifey!
bleh ;P