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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

dragon freaks!

since hubby and i are both dragons (in chinese zodaic),

so i typically cheated and fooled him to watch
"How To Train Your Dragon" with me on Sunday ;P
*naughty me*


really good animated movie,
storyline was good,
the graphic was awesome,
animations are great,
and seriously,
i would love to re-watch this movie in the cinemas again,
this time, 3D!

recommended movie though,
everyone should give it a try ;)

Friday, April 16, 2010

movie time again!

went to watch Clash of Titans with hubby dear on wednesday night,

love the graphics,
but storyline wise,
a bit too short and i personally think that this movie needs more elaboration though.

*spoiler (select to read):
kraken's part is too little!
medusa is pretty yet scary LMAO.
and wtf, this movie has everything that Hercules (disney movie) has.
Hades, the 3 witches with a single eye ball, Zeus, Olympus etc etc.

overall ratings for this movie:

Thursday, April 01, 2010

girls day out.

went to library and sanctuary last saturday with the bunch of girls.
girls night out what,
for sure no guys allowed! :D

the look for the night :)
(a lot of people said i look more matured -_- that means im older! tsk tsk! bad news hmpf :/)

library's pretty lamp. i kinda like the atmosphere there though.

library's menu :)

ordered my favourite hoegaarden,
buy 1 pint free half pint,

since i was a bit hungry as i didnt had any meals for the night,
so i ordered fruity nachos with cheese and salsa.

eh quite nice can? but fattening also!
plain, evil.

sharon, marilyn and veron.
they had been friends like for years!

the girls!

from left: twaji, amanda, catherine, veron, sharon, marilyn, kae and me.

my dear dear kae *loves*

lovely manda girl.

smiley face leh! so cute!

LOL some more wanna act emo,
tsk tsk!
(because there was no hot guys anywhere around there!)

loves hoegaarden!

big bunch.

tsk tsk! these 2 girls..

(eh how come suddenly got one guy there ar?)

a place for us to study HARD! xD

we love The Library :D


naughty naughty girls hehe :)

we're in red!

having so much fun!
can see from their faces behehe ;P

woops! someone's getting know someone new :)

all enjoyed the fun night,
gonna miss u all girls..

make sure we're gonna have another gathering!
behehe :3