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Saturday, March 27, 2010

hennessy artistry!

i know this event is already 2 weeks old,
and im only about to update about it LOL.

dey, have to update both sides leh!
facebook and blog, hmpf.
since my blog does not have much coverage,
then might as well i update everything in facebook larh :x

the look for the night :)
bundle up my hair since its so freaking long and i think it'll be very hot there -_-

big big signage! :D

very grand! extend dont know till where xD

acrobats in Opera.

cheers :)

u need this to get in! :D


iono what band :/

hi baby! :D

LOL iono what they're trying to do though.

human beatbox.



when we're leaving!

overall, music wasn't THAT good -_- doesnt makes me feel like dancing though,
FREE FLOW of hennessy,
what do u expect LOL.
(this is what they call advertising!)