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Saturday, February 20, 2010

annual dinner!

had a very 'smokey' and 'gamble-y' annual dinner.

held on 8th of this month, at Oriental Pavillion@Jaya 33
well, as usual.. :x always post outdated things :x

the titbits served, quite special comparing to the normal peanuts and all.
they served fried marinated fish skin.. nice o.O"

the lousang! havent eat any lousang with abalone before,
this is the first :D

-_- what a mess after they played with the lousang..

trying out diageo's korea best seller, Windsor..
i should say,
we still stick back to Singleton better :x

佛跳墙!(Buddha Jump Over the Wall - i suppose this is the best translation that i can say out from my mouth LOL.)

they put in 8-10 kinds of expensive materials to boil this soup,
and because its too good, so the buddha too, cant resist the smell of the soup,
therefore jump over the wall to crave for this soup.. (old ancient story)

tsk tsk, can see the abalone! in a whole piece! :D

then later,

this no need to explain much de larh :3

steamed fish.

fried pork.

and woot!

later, camwhoring session.

me and kae.

bryan and kae.

playing with kae's glasses.

kae, me and valerie :3

me and veron.

after the dinner,
all they do is bet, bet, gamble, bet, gambling again. LOL.
what a night :/