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Saturday, July 25, 2009

bon bon bon bon bon odori :D

Went to Bon Odori 2009 last Saturday,
held at Matsushita Sports Centre in Shah Alam.

exchanged yukatas to wear this year ;P since last year i wore my red one :D

hairdo by jibbit :x
phillip and jibbit, and woot phillip bought new yukata :D

close photo shoot by andrew D:
while lining up to buy food :/

:3 bubble fish face by reann dear :3

group photo :D

phillip, jibbit and tony :D

big bully mogu ;P and jibbit :D

pukwong's fav close up shot xD

2 of us :3

looking through photos :D


have to camwhore with DSLR before we leave :x

had abit of fun, wasn't that fun already since there's too many people going..
packed and heaty,
and the dust in the air wasn't that fun :/