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Thursday, May 21, 2009



i know i havent been updating my blog for like, AGESSSS!!!!
(since ive started working D:)

didnt had any free time as most of my routine are like,
mon-fri: work for the whole day, get back home around 8-9pm.

and then i'll be either facing my lappie, checking emails, facebook, game and sleeping...
or i'll be out PR-ing again LOLWTF (yamchar sessions are getting more and more nowadays :/)

this is when fun and parties drops by.. and i'll be out AGAIN!
by the time im home, ill be dead exhausted lying on my bed, having a not-so-good rest..

so i'll spend my weekends sleeping in the morning --" sad case hmpf :/

this weekend finally will have a good rest,
no parties,
no yamchar sessions anymore D:

i'll just.. stay at home and be a good girl :)

more updates soon.
(can i break this promise? :x)