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Monday, May 25, 2009

movieeeee heatt!

went to watch movie last week,
(suddenly on movie heat since there was so many hot movies showing!)

watched this on last thurs night,

Night at the Museum 2,
back with the old starring in the 1st episode,
adding in new characters,
and also funnier xD

ratings: 9/10 :D

cant wait to watch this movie too,
so i forced myself to watch this on saturday xD

Angels and Demons (had been waiting this to go on show for like, months!)

another version of movie poster with Tom Hanks.
(i love watching him :D)

overall rating: 8/10
(it may not be as funny and exciting like Night at the Museum 2 but its fun to watch Tom Hanks cracking all the mysterious miseries.. conclusion, I LIKE :D)

and and,
im so waiting for Transformer 2, Terminator Salvation and Ice Age 3!

p/s: Drag Me To Hell seems thrilling though :/ considering to put it to my to-watch list xD it'll be showing on next month :)

next movie on the list:
X-Men Wolverine :D

and NO, i wont be waiting for Harry Potter :x bahaha :P