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Monday, March 16, 2009


zomg! now that i realize i havent blog about so many things :/

so i'll be still, blogging back time D:

this was on dec, (damn, already 3-4months back!)
our colormancy exhibition, a graduation campaign to finally show all our works within 3 years of studies and hard work.

my look for the night,

purposely bought this dress because of the theme ;P
(it was COLORmancy! so of course u have to be colorful enough xD)

my art pieces to be shown.

was a receptionist that night at the registration booth,

with tony jaja!

the girls preparing all the food and snacks,

anyone care to register before going to the launch of the exhibition?

instead of getting busy of registering,
we camwhored.


me, esther, baby.

during the launch of the exhibition,
our beloved president giving his 'holy' speech! xD

audiences, vips, lecturers, family members etc etc.

then to the gallery!
mr.tatsun (our principal) signing our guest book.

mr.tatsun and the head of marketing department of TOA (damn i forget his name already :P)

people browsing through artworks in the gallery.

jiajia + jiajia :P

mr.lame and 2 jiajia(s).

me and my beloved son, with his artwork, and mine beside xD

they said i look liked munyi's piece of artwork (the girl),
look alike meh? :/

with our humourous mr.kins lee :)

tony jajajajaja!


after the whole thing,
went to chilli's in OU to somehow pre-celebrate our successful exhibition night!
(although something went wrong a lil bit in the mid xD)

ms.nee and ms.jibbit (and babys pointy hand)

jv, elroy and mr.birmingham (lol wtf)

me n baby!

we finally had mushroom jack wtf!!! (so happy okay?!)

left around midnight, (sampai chilli's only left with our table lol!)

and saw people setting up pretty white christmas trees in the centre hall of OU,
i loveLOVE!
so pretty :3