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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

girls day out!

typical girls day out!

went to OU on weekends last month,
with baby, jibbit and neenee.

as usual,
went to our fav Chilli's and had lunch :3

mushroom jack! (must eat before baby leaves to aus okay!)

chicken something something (forgot the name, again.)

this girl always wanna be the background that haunts me xD

baby, ure a ghost that haunts me whenever i camwhore :P

got kissie from baby!

missing her badly now :(

after that, went to f21,
tried on clothes,

love this!

and also this!

in the end, got only the nylon tights, but not the tops :(

love the black one more though :P
prolly getting it when i get my pay behehe!