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Saturday, March 07, 2009

crazy meetups.

blogging back time again.

this was during chinese new year.
got to met up with two crazy guys whom i knew since junior school (pity me!)

aiden chong and katak chua!

lol. yeah, their purpose of the night was to
CAMBEAST. (cambeast is a term for guys who actually camwhore! great :/ )

they even started without me...

after i arrive, also have to join them.
if not these 2 uncles so ngam cham ley xD

big head effect :|

got caught talking phone with my baby xD
and katak talking to someone someone --"

showing his very manly-hood.

iono, u ask me how did i manage to survive through these years?
i really dont know.

this is what i was trying to say about :/

lagi wanna make me do ugly faces :(

finally normal pictures! D:

ghost face :P

normal one :)

after that,
they say not enough,
move to another place to drink and continue their cambeast thing --"

and wtf they played and cambeast with my fugly IC!

katak ordered lasagna for dinner/supper lol.

they caught me snapping pics omg!

like that also wanna take...

who knows whats behind :P

and no, i did not photoshop this photo!
its all his original boobs LOL (he squeezed hard, really hard!)

ending everything with his tits.

TSK :/

what a night.