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Thursday, March 05, 2009

bday bash!

had my 21st bday last friday :)
*it was also baby's farewell dinner :( *

celebrated with my babies and had real fun that night!
not forgetting to thank everyone for their wishes, i love u all! :)

had our dinner at Good Evening Bangkok at OU,
i must say that they really serve good food there!
wouldnt mind to go back there and have my 2nd or 3rd visit :)
*but becareful! most of the dishes are quite spicy :)

jv and jiji :)

my baby!

good food! i love em!

this was kinda unexpected lol. (i mean in a restaurant :/ lol)

was on the phone with i dont know who, but nanako was giving this weird expression xD
prolly it was because of the really spicy tomyam soup! xD

neenee and jiji :3

me and baby!

was under attacked D:

our lips became very pouty after having all the spicy stuffs xD

we forced neenee to strip her jacket off to see how hot she was :P

and yes, they gave me a new food bowl for copper as one of my birthday presents D:
*so was it copper's bday or mine? hmpf :/

we have loads of expressions showed on our faces! :D

ty lots hunnypies!

and u know what? i just forgot my 2nd bday wish of the year D:


animal family :)

*damn, she wore back her jacket D:

i love u baby!

very naughty rabbit :P

trying to kacao us tsk!

opening and guessing, whats inside?!

GREAT, lightbulbs!
very nice idea girls!

pretty table lamps from ikea!

this mengade specially come down for my birthday!

neenee looks freaking hot ty :)

;3 eyo ;3

we loved and dated each other since junior1!
so dont be jealous at us! :P

hes getting drunk.

getting very drunk...

neeneechan and nanako!

met jiji's friend sharon, and the guy - anonymous :)

some other anonymous guy
*tsk, CK's friends xD

gavin zai :)

nanako and gavin :D

my pretty hunnybunnies..

happy family! :D

okay, party's over.
was in tony car and captured this while he was off paying the ticket D:

had a great night,
and still,