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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

valentine's eve.

while everyone is hot headed about valentine's,
i think we should really join in the fun xD

and no,
we dont prepare flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and stuffs.

we went CLUBBING.
yes, on valentine's eve.

preparing :)

the peeps :)

(from left bottom: jv, nee, jiyan)
(from left top: phillip, tony)

baby and her mengada monkey.

after that, went to nearby mamak and had supper.

my hot hot neenee chan.

got to meet up with few of PW friends :/

(from left: elra, yao, marin)

kulu kulu also @.@ already :x

was so tired and drunk,
ended up having hangovers in the morning :/

should we go poppy again for my coming 21st bday? :x