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Friday, February 20, 2009

bake bake BAKE!

was happy to have a big oven back at my hometown,

i can bake whenever i want.
(tsk! no one knows i love cooking and baking :/ and thats y im always about food lol :P)

this time we baked famous amos 'Hawaiian Nut Chip" :)

trying out the 1st and 2nd batch..(for the temperature and time which suits the best)

seems abit overbaked :/

this is what u get when u're cooking or baking xD
(ur lovely pet staring at u, wanting some leftovers :/)

rolling rolling..

they look somehow like, meatballs :D

the better batch, cooling down before packing them into containers :)

that recipe made us rolled and baked for hours :/
i think we should have cut down at least half of the recipe --"

we baked a number of 100plus cookies omg!
imagine when we're going to finish it @.@"