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Sunday, January 11, 2009

leaping through 2008 ;)

Happy 2009 to everyone ;)

sorry haven't been updating my blog because i was working D:
and the shop is freakingly busy these days D:

i even had work on new year eve D: wtf?!
so after work, we went to the curve to celebrate new year and also baby's bday!
*omg this is like the first year ever ive celebrated her bday!*

went to italiannies ;)
(my first time ever, prolly the last time too D:)

mengada jiji and baby :D

me :)

see! vain ;P
(baby, who said u guys weren't camwhoring?)

peekaboo ;)

mengada punya andrew :P many times ive told u not to be so rude in public?!

baby :)
(she actually knows that the camera's snapping at her but she mengada wanna act dont know :P)

mr.daowen :P

our photographer!
(today he bring his new girlf out eh!)

see! already start snapping around xD

the late comers!
mengada jv :P

lol elroy's rubbing his eyes (just finish working xD)

talking+chit chatting :D

the latest comer! (as always xD)
neeneechan :P

we're eating "penne"!! :D

mua :)

like that they also wanna snap photo D:
(we're camwhoring!)



after dinner session, went around and lepak at the curve (plus theres so many people everywhere!)

all mengadas xD

jv's cool pose xD

and wtf is this?!

then we went to Scarlet and had our fun there :D
wasn't that bad having my first new year eve here though ;)