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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


finally back to my hometown after a year (since last year's cny).

got greeted by 4 dogs and 1 cat, nearly fainted at the spot because all came and lick, push, jump onto, and kissed.

having your pet cat sleeping on your lap and having her face lying on your palm is a warm thing to have when it's raining for the whole day.


i still miss this lil evil, spoilt brat of mine :(

mommy will be home next month, please wait for me okay? :(

*sobs in a corner*

Thursday, January 15, 2009

unexpected ;)

long we've received alot of forwarded emails about Tenji promotion luncheon buffet,

phoned them to make a reservation, and all they tell u is,

"We're so sorry that we're fully booked until 15th (which the promotion ends on that particular day)."

we being so hard-headed, wanted to try our luck by walking in to the restaurant.

but we ended up, eating at a korean restaurant xD
(the reason was because tenji was too full to fit in everyone D: well, actually they could - but heard that they limit the number of customers just simply they want to maintain the quality and also not to rugi larh wtf! if got super eaters inside like us how? :( thats y we dont get to enjoy.. T-T)

大家 restaurant. (korean BBQ)

their bunting. (very tempting photos!)

as i was craving for either japanese/korean food, we went up and have a try.

we ordered a set for 4-5people (we're having 5 people anyway...) at a price of RM280 - which includes a whole lot food and its bloody worth it ;)

put until our table full D: dont even get space to makan d xD
(p/s: the table was freaking long, but yet not enough space!)

and they were generous enough to give us two sets of kimchis and side dishes!
(1 set got 8 small plates of side dishes leh!)

then comes with the fried noodles
(i dont know what do you call em in eng, but in chi is 东粉, the one that changes transparent after u cook it.)
which i find it very delicious.

and u can see the table's full @.@ not all of the dishes have arrived yet..

the BBQ! you dont even need to do it urself because the services there provided is really good.
the waiter will serve u from the start to the end ;)

fried meat + onions with spice.
super delicious!

the fried noodles.

the waiter is doing all the work ;)

meat, meat and meat!

this is the way to eat korean bbq *drools*
(u wrap ur meat+onion and kimchi and other side dishes into a leaf of vege and stuff it into ur mouth!)

the soup! which came last.. was nice! got seafood, mushrooms and a whole lot of stuffs inside ;)

the environment and the very friendly waiter :)

there's a mini fountain made of stone, and thats the lady boss at the counter. (she's a pure korean!)

there's even korea customers!

close up of the fountain ;)
very nice.

the lunch set ended with free fruits (very super duper sweet watermelons!) and a cup of their herbal dessert tea which i found it very original and delicious!

overall ratings for the shop?
i'll give it an 8/10 ;)

this restaurant is located right beside SohoKL or Solaris Mont Kiara ;)
it's also located upstairs of a korea mart ^^

Sunday, January 11, 2009

leaping through 2008 ;)

Happy 2009 to everyone ;)

sorry haven't been updating my blog because i was working D:
and the shop is freakingly busy these days D:

i even had work on new year eve D: wtf?!
so after work, we went to the curve to celebrate new year and also baby's bday!
*omg this is like the first year ever ive celebrated her bday!*

went to italiannies ;)
(my first time ever, prolly the last time too D:)

mengada jiji and baby :D

me :)

see! vain ;P
(baby, who said u guys weren't camwhoring?)

peekaboo ;)

mengada punya andrew :P many times ive told u not to be so rude in public?!

baby :)
(she actually knows that the camera's snapping at her but she mengada wanna act dont know :P)

mr.daowen :P

our photographer!
(today he bring his new girlf out eh!)

see! already start snapping around xD

the late comers!
mengada jv :P

lol elroy's rubbing his eyes (just finish working xD)

talking+chit chatting :D

the latest comer! (as always xD)
neeneechan :P

we're eating "penne"!! :D

mua :)

like that they also wanna snap photo D:
(we're camwhoring!)



after dinner session, went around and lepak at the curve (plus theres so many people everywhere!)

all mengadas xD

jv's cool pose xD

and wtf is this?!

then we went to Scarlet and had our fun there :D
wasn't that bad having my first new year eve here though ;)