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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

neenee's big day.

25th Nov was neenee's big day xD someone finally turns into 20.

lame neenee blowing the candles :)

nee, i still love u xD

then we went to redbox to celebrate ;)
(since we're having meeting for our graduation campaign, and everyone was tired to do anymore stuffs D:)

and we get people biting heads off, while the victim actually, ENJOYS it hmpf :/
(i wonder why...)

mengadas :)
shingshing, andrew and bday girl.

and very pouty baby, lamest king isaac xD

this guy appears in every photo u take :/

baby still wanna camwhore when i sing D:

neenee's bday cake!

neenee, dah 20.

dont so lame d can? xD

and the best thing ever?

we have our president of the year, SLEEPING during sing k session ;)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Christmas month!

christmas is always pretty right? ;)

anyone kind enough to donate me white christmas tree? :x