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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

fish spa!

long i've heard abt the fish spa thingy.
had always wanted to try it out but everytime i passby the shop,
for sure i was rushing to somewhere else :/

finally, i tried it with hubby on sunday :D
it was, quite a fun experience :D

hubby's leg. the fishies like him :D
or supposingly his leg xD full of dead skin aka food for the fish woahaha xD

see the differences? :/
the fishies didnt like my leg D: no food for them D:

plus, damn ticklish D:

then we went for the middle size fishies.
just now those were the small sizes one.

the bites are different from the small ones! xD
small fishes are pecking on ur feet,
while middle ones are chomping on ur feet! D:
but thank God, it didnt hurt xD

hubby got so addicted to the fish spa and wants it more D:
somemore everyday ask me whether wanna go or not,