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Saturday, September 06, 2008

shopping getaway ;)

so we had this shopping getaway at bangsar yesterday ;P
organizer: neenee xD
people participating: me, baby, jiji and jv(first timer) xD

supposingly to be at 12pm ;P but jiji reached my house at 12 something,
hence i woke up at a later time woahaha xD

in the end got screwed by neenee also ;P

first thing reaching there is to - MAKAN!

went to Delicious ;)

must camwhore before makan.

had seafood linguini :3 and it was nice :D

after brunch, proceed on our shopping.

went to mooie, caught my eye on this boyish cardigan :D

i like.

continue to camwhore while waiting for them to try on other stuffs :D

kasian babys face kena cropped xD

like this tee from purpledotz too :D
too bad they dont sell it in separate pieces :(

went to sevendays,
and saw the legendary retro-fly-glasses.

im a fly now!

later on went to dressed till nine,
got my eye on this short night gown.

my fav b&w some more D:

i like!

we had a quickie in the fitting room ;P

thats why my hair was in a mess :D

dont know when baby captured this,
but obviously am not satisfied with that haha xD

baby u forced me larh xD

and the girls.