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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

another surprise?

so parents went back and throw me all alone here again :/

went to Zen for dinner with them before,

we had Kano Haki Salada :D

i'm not sure whether the colour is alright with u guys because my laptop shows me lighter/fader color :/

my bro had cold udon :D

we all had sashimi!!

more sashimi!

mommy dearest had udon+salmon rice set.. which she can not finish *always like that hmpf :/*

my cousie had ebi tempura rice :D

we had sea urchin sashimi too *drools*

and zis is mine. sashimi assorted rice :D

happy happy dinner :3
sorry for the photo colors, the restaurant had this orangy ambience and my phone cam sucks.

and, thank u so much for the flowers keat :)

*am so not going to say anything about this hmpf :/