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Saturday, June 07, 2008

shopping getaway xD

still blogging back time ==||

betulbetul too long no update blog D:

that day - uhm, the day we went to buy jiji's bday pressie xD

we want bangsar *shh* to do window shopping.

3 of us very mengada because bangsar got lots of new boutiques open xD

went to mooie.

neenee mengada tried on this top xD looks like candy bar to me ;P

2 mengadas in fitting room D: (and baby is handless hmpf :/)

vain. (i like neenee wearing her own top xD) plus i see BOOBIES!

went to gossips,

neenee said: "one boyfriend is not enough" D:
see she damn greedy one xD

and i like this set of top + high-waisted skirt D:


after all the tryings + vain cam whores in fitting room, buying jijis pressie, then had mcd sundae cone....

sent neenee to nyny's house because she damn mengada dont want to follow us to pwtc D:

on the way to pwtc (for some exhibition :/)

saw people really sleeping on the street == or supposingly in the walkway :/

in baby's car. traffic jam larh dey D:
thats why i hate driving down KL.

and baby's zebra-fetish tissue box.
pretty larh.

after all those walking and bumping into places in the exhibition,

back home and saw this...


so cute and mengada waiting me to come home with the puppy eye look.

and this are my prizes! spent a whole lot and no wonder im damn broke T-T

eh, not forgetting this pretty earrings from tea&sympathy :3 (i fell in love with the shop - cheap prices + damn-worth-it stuffs!)

update soon again behehehe ;P