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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

back to the future..

i'm starting to blog back... what happened half a month ago ;P


JIJI's 21st BDAY xD

went to sing k at red box ;P (and purposely didnt buy any cakes and presents for her that day because we wanted to make her feel sad and depressed and give her a full surprise on the next day xD)

vain peeps.

hun, mua, jiji the bday girl and half-cropped neenee (nice! xD)

and the peeps!

jv, shingyi, munyi, yongkang, bolvin, beng eu,guoxiang and marky.

hun, jiji bday girl, neenee and repeats! xD

some more mark's mommy baked us some muffins ;P

chocolate ones and blueberry!

group photo.

and then we just went off like that xD no bday cake, no bday song, no candles to blow, no pressies WOAHAHAHAHA!

to be continued...