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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


lol yeaps.

i got my ear pierced again ;P

i've already got 6 piercings on my ears but still not enough xD

now finally done with 7 piercings...

actually i went to pierce my ear because i was just basically bored and nothing to do while i was in pyramid lepak-ing.


so dad and mom came last week.

how was it?

half great, half wasnt that great :/

mom part - effing great!
dad part - GAH D: *still as grumpy as usual xD*

day1 - went walking around and shop sikit at pyramid :/ as always...
- and then went to che go (currently fav korean restaurant) and had dinner :D
-then go home oioi liao.

day2 - have to teman dad go klcc homedeco exhibition D: suffer can?! luckily got mom and my cousie ben there to teman me :/ if not bored to deathhhhhhhhhhh D:
*but oh well, got some rewards also what xD*
- then went to san francisco steakhouse and have dinner! :D seriously they have nice steak there. the beef was really juicy and just right! too bad there wasnt any wine provided :/

day3 - plan A (mom's idea) ditch dad and go OU shoppinggg!!! and it works! *grins*

so heres some picture for day3 since we're actually free from grumpy-ness xD

went delicious to have my long-wanted french onion soup and it was GOOD!

see, filled with cheese on top :D how can it be not nice?
later shared a mama's bolognese with mom ;P full till wanna barf can?

so we went on shopping, saw this little booth promoting the reptiles exhibition thingy that was going on that particular day :/

and saw this effing cute lil monkey!

its the world smallest monkey species and i forgot what was its name, something like Mamosa or whatsoever :3

so cute so tiny!! how i wish i could grab hold of it... :(

and then i saw the effing ugly huge toad who kidnapped Thumbelina! D: so effing ugly can? and its size is even bigger than the lil monkey D: incredibly huge.

then there was this greyish cute parrot, posing around trying not to let me snap his handsome photo D: so damn mengada :/

see! he hide his face dont want let me snap snap! HMPF :(

trying to turn away his face luckily i finally snapped his photo woahahaha!

and, last but not least,

SNAKES! which really belongs to the reptile family :/

i have no idea what species of snake it is but its way creeppyyyy D:

and this lazy snake who sleeps all day long i guess =_=||

and two bunch of snakes hanging on the tree branch and sleep. the colors of these 2 snakes are quite pretty i should say, so vivid yellowish and filled with patterns and spots! i like :D
but not the snake :/

so we went on shopping again, buybuybuy, mom was kinda shopping crazily until she went broke LOL xD

tired what, so have to sit down and relax abit ;P at Bakerzin of course.

had my long-wanted strawberry shortcake!!

OU outlet finally restock their ingredients and i finally get to have my strawberry shortcake!


after that, pretty tired already what D: shopped whole day, leg wanna patah already, so went home and rest.

at night, went to our fav restaurant, Zen.

ordered this and shareshare among 4 people. (me, baby, dad and mom)


and i ordered this for myself, assorted sashimi on sushi rice *drools*

my full set :D with appetizer, egg, soup, the main course and of course fruits as dessert :D

and dad ordered this.
some lamb slice meat and your do-it-yourself mini barbeque set :D followed by the sauce and side dishes.

looks damn interesting.

baby ordered this.
something like pataya rice but the side is the japanese curry :D

all of us didnt really like this dish because it was pretty memuakkan :/

and mom, ordered teppanyaki set :D

still as good as usual!

after that, went home and had a full goodnight rest. EFFING TIRED CAN?!

and here are my trophies.

effing cheap tees from Zara! which was only rm39.90 per piece! (super cheap for zara can?)
and a pair of short pants from vior (on 30% discount also!) which they have this blingy diamonds at the back pocket of the shorts, damn pretty can? :D

and effing cheap flats from zara!!! rm65.90 only!!

and believe me, its so effing comfortable!!!
too bad i wanted the red wedges also, but priced at rm200++..effing expensive can? :/

so yesterday i was bored.

i pimped something again.

my camera!!!! uhm, actually my mom's camera.

she let me use it since i had no cameras left beside me :( as im now eyeing on d60 woahaha but no money :((

so temporary this is mine ;P

blingyblingyblingy i LOVE.

i even pimped the on/off button ;P

the cameras color can match with my lappie can?

both also so prettyyyyy!!!